Assessments –– Which, When, Why and By Whom?

by Margo Boster

Margo Boster, CEO at ImpaQ Solutions, is pleased to be a presenter at the 2013 ASTD Valley of the Sun / ICF Phoenix Annual conference Tuesday October 29, 2013 from 9:30 – 10:30 am.  Join Margo as she leads a discussion on which assessments to use when, for what purpose, and by whom.

Margo, an ICF credentialed coach and Board Certified executive coach, says, “An area that I find particularly disturbing in the field of leadership and organizational development is the misuse of assessments by people who are not fully qualified. Too often people get attached to a particular assessment and misuse the tool by thinking it explains things it doesn’t and expecting the tool to answer questions for which it isn’t intended. To be effective, it is important to use the right assessment that will measure the intended area.  It is equally important that the person who interprets the assessment and advises the client be appropriately trained and experienced.”

The use of assessment tools is prevalent and can be enlightening when used appropriately.   Unfortunately, it is easy for people to latch on to a particular assessment and think it explains everything.  Margo said, “I have seen where one gets trained in a particular assessment instrument and begins to think it is THE answer, not AN answer.”

Participate in this thought provoking conversation as we explore how you look at assessment tools and recognize the strength in using the right tool with the right support, and the danger of using the wrong tool with the wrong follow through.

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  • Jessica Lopez

    Good luck with your presentation tomorrow, Margo!

  • Thanks, Jess! I look forward to the discussion from the group.

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