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Market Adjustment

Your organization has determined that a reduction or reorganization is required. Or perhaps, you have decided for personal or financial reasons to scale back on the size of your company. Now what?

How do you maintain the morale and productivity of your current staff? Are your key players starting to worry that they may be next, and are beginning to look for alternatives? How do you obtain and maintain the desired size of your organization? Are you, as the senior leader, concerned with how you handle the situation – both with your employees, your executives, and personally?

Downsizing rarely feels like “right sizing” at the time the transition is occurring. ImpaQ Solutions provides services that can help you scale your business to meet the adjustments of your company. Contact us to see how we can help you with the following:

  • Improve your competitive advantage
  • Meet your business objectives
  • Improve your program performance
  • Improve effectiveness and efficiencies
  • Business and operational mentoring
  • Improve quality delivery
  • Improve your teams’ performance
  • Leverage your culture to meet your goals
  • by defining and focusing on your key assets, attributes, and market space
  • by developing and articulating a clear understanding of your organization’s mission and how each team member contributes to the success
  • through proven Program Review Process, and developing and relying upon meaningful metrics
  • by evaluating and assessing your organization; this may include your organizational structure, clear definition of responsibilities, and dependencies on others
  • for CEOs, COOs, and operational leaders within your organization
  • with expected financial return on your programs by developing processes and people and identifying and relying upon meaningful metrics
  • through team coaching, team consulting, process consulting, team facilitation, and team-building activities
  • by clarifying how your organization’s culture helps or hinders your success, and make the necessary changes

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