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Organizational Culture and Improvement

Company founders and leaders frequently talk about their corporate culture and how important it is to them that the culture is preserved as the company grows. How does a company maintain its culture and values over time and what forces are working to change the culture? To understand organizational culture over time requires answers to questions such as: What is it? Does it matter? Is my company’s culture right for me? Is my company’s culture right for my company?

There is no “right” culture, just as there is no “right” weather. However, it is important to understand what your culture is and if it is helping or hindering your success. As an analogy, if one wanted to go snow skiing, they would look to a time of the year and geographic location where it was cold enough to produce snow and mountainous enough to have slopes. They would not choose a Florida beach. While one can’t create the weather, they can – and do – create their culture, whether consciously or not. Just as one must understand the weather to make accurate decisions of where to travel, one should understand their organizational culture to make certain they attract the right workforce, hire the right leaders, and support their desired goals.

ImpaQ Solutions can help you answer “yes” to the following questions:

  • Is your culture supporting your business goals?
  • Is your culture taking your company or organization to where you want to be?
  • Do your leaders have the behaviors or traits that are most effective and conducive for your organization’s culture?
  • Is your culture in alignment with your desired culture?
  • Are you selecting employees and are employees selecting you based on valid espoused values?

ImpaQ Solutions uses proven approaches to help you define, design and implement the right organizational culture for your company. Activities include the following:

  • Reach consensus on current culture
  • Reach consensus on desired culture
  • Determine what the change will and will not mean
  • Identify illustrative stories
  • Develop a strategic action plan
  • Develop an implementation plan
  • Facilitate the implementation within your organization

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