OCAI-Online is proud to announce that Margo Boster, CEO and co-founder of ImpaQ Solutions, is now a partner, trained and certified to guide organizational culture change using the OCAI framework. The Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) is a tool for diagnosing organizational culture, developed by professors Robert Quinn and Kim Cameron.  Cameron and Quinn developed a sense-making tool, a set of systematic steps, and a methodology for helping managers and their organizations carefully analyze and alter their fundamental culture. They focus on the methods and mechanisms that are available to help managers and change agents transform the most fundamental elements of their organizations.  OCAI is a validated research method to examine organizational culture, based on the Competing Values Framework and used by thousands of companies worldwide.

Some practical uses of the tool are to determine feasibility of merger or acquisition, identify internal differences and how to solve them, assess employee contentment and readiness to change, highlight symptoms that indicate change is necessary, and/or to create a baseline measurement before upcoming change.

Many companies are aware of the importance of their culture; however, few research-based, validated tools are available to assess one’s current and desired culture.  The OCAI assesses six aspects of culture: (1) dominant characteristics, (2) organizational leadership, (3) management of employees, (4) organizational glue, (5) strategic emphasis and (6) criteria of success.  While comprehensive, the online assessment is easy to use.

Serving clients throughout the United States, ImpaQ Solutions helps companies, organizations and people be more successful and exceed goals they previously thought unattainable. ImpaQ Solutions can help you increase revenue, decrease turnover and improve quality by building and supporting your people to be more effective and efficient. Services include strategic leadership consulting, executive / leadership coaching, organizational and team development, business advising, strategic planning.