Below are links to resources that we have found useful and interesting regarding measuring your culture.  ImpaQ Solutions is proud to be an OCAI Consultant and Partner.  Contact us for more information about measuring and creating your culture and the OCAI tool.

OCAI Enterprise Example Report – Sample report of Enterprise OCAI 

Organizational Culture – Is yours what you think? – A brief overview of why it is important to measure your culture (rather than just operating on “gut”)

The only way is up! -Boosting performance and change with collective, positive, paradoxical leadership

Health Care Examined Health care sector examinedwith OCAI.  A National Survey in the Netherlands

NIH article – Competing Values OCAI – From BioMed Central; Research Article – Research article Open Access; Assessing an organizational culture instrument based on the Competing Values Framework: Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses; Christian D Helfrich*, Yu-Fang Li1, David C Mohr, Mark Meterko, and Anne E Sales

The OSUMC Study – From the Academic Health Centers.  Strong Leadership and Teamwork Drive Culture and Performance Change: Ohio State University Medical Center 2000 –2006, Fred Sanfilippo, MD, PhD, Neeli Bendapudi, PhD, Anthony Rucci, PhD, and Leonard Schlesinger, DBA