Team Coaching & Facilitation

Elevate your leadership team with team coaching and facilitation.

If your team is not operating as cohesively and effectively as possible despite having highly skilled individuals, team coaching, facilitation and consulting can help your team function more cohesively and capitalize each individual’s leadership skills. 


An ImpaQ coach attends your regularly scheduled executive or leadership team meetings at agreed upon times, providing real-time coaching to the team as they are meeting together doing real time work. Team coaching offers teams the coordination, collaboration, and creative thinking needed to address complex issues.


ImpaQ works with your team to facilitate sessions that introduce and allow practice of new ways of thinking, with the intent of enhancing the power and effectiveness of the team.  ImpaQ’s team facilitation focuses on Vertical Development rather than Horizontal Development.

Horizontal Development refers to the adding of more knowledge, skills, and competencies. It is about what you know.

Vertical Development refers to advancement in a person’s thinking capability. The outcome of vertical stage development is the ability to think in more complex, systemic, strategic, and interdependent ways. It is about how you think.


As part of team coaching and facilitation, ImpaQ works with the CEO and C-suite to provide perspective and introduce new ways of thinking to support the organization’s desired goals. While we are happy to offer advisory support based on our decades of experience, we recognize that every team context and organizational culture is unique. Any work we do is in service of the team’s goals and priorities, not an abstract ideal of what makes a high-functioning team. 


As part of team coaching and facilitation, one-on-one coaching may be provided to further support each leader in the transformation of themselves and the team.

Learn more about our One-on-One Executive / Leadership Coaching here.