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 by Anonymous
Thank You For What You Have Done
Your Title: Major
Type of Company: US Military

I want to thank you for your generosity in time, your care for your clients, and the version of myself you brought out of me during our coaching engagement. I wish I could truly encapsulate what you have done for me personally, but I don't think I would be able to do it justice, so I will simply say thank you.

I have taken the time to reflect on our last exercise and how I would take care of myself while deployed, and I feel as if I am in a better place. I have given myself the grace to learn, absorb new information (reading, podcasts), and work on my physical health, making it a priority again. I have also pushed myself to be deliberate and intentional in the new engagements here and keep an open mind and heart to what I can learn and adapt to.

I owe a lot of this effort to you challenging me to consider myself and care for myself, fully. Thank you again for what you have done. I have truly enjoyed our collaboration.

 by Anonymous
Wholeheartedly endorse
Your Title: Chief Growth Officer
Type of Company: Government Consulting

Without reservation I recommend Margo for both leadership team and individual leadership coaching. When my firm engaged Margo for both team and individual coaching I was skeptical overall but in particular how it could help me. I've been in my industry, Federal government contracting, for thirty years and have been reasonably successful. So, what difference could she make? Well, it turns out a lot. Using a variety of approaches that included listening, asking probing questions, assigning homework, and did I mention listening and asking thoughtful questions, she was able to spur my thinking around leveraging my strengths and, more importantly, consciously dealing with my weaknesses. I believe her coaching has equipped me to be a better leader. I wholeheartedly endorse Margo

 by Anonymous
Excellent Coaching
Your Title: VP Technology
Type of Company: Management Consulting

I had the pleasure to work with Margo as my Executive Leadership Coach for 6 months in 2019. She is an active listener, non judgmental, honest, and highly trustworthy. Margo is ethical, understanding, and direct/clear when appropriate. She offered several materials, books, evaluations, and other artifacts to help me understand I where I originally stood, where I want to be, and then how to get there. I grew in significant ways over the 6 months working with Margo. It was also very easy to work over long distance using Zoom video conferencing. Margo is an excellent coach and I recommend her with no reservations.

 by Anonymous
Valuable Coaching
Your Title: VP Operations
Type of Company: IT

I worked with Margo for a series of executive management coaching sessions. I work in IT and Margo understands the industry so she was able to provide helpful insights. She took the time to get to know me and provided valuable feedback. I appreciate the fact that she understood that everyone is different and worked with you to make sure you understood how your natural tendencies could work for or against you depending on how you approach a situation. She helped me focus on areas that I wanted to develop and recommended some great TED talks. She is a good listener and helped walk me through some difficult times. I would highly recommend Margo’s services.

 by Anonymous
Differs from most university HR programming
Your Title: Vice President of Research
Type of Company: Public University

My work with Margo Boster, a professional coach based in Scottsdale, Arizona, with ImpaQ Solutions, has transformed my leadership and management styles, and made me comfortable in leading my organization toward the ambitious goals of redefining higher ed. Most notably, she has worked with me to recognize my own strengths and those of my staff, and how our complementarities can be leveraged to build a strong team and a supportive work environment.

Margo’s coaching differs from most university HR programming in that she works almost exclusively with executives and her advice springs from broad experience in the business community. Much of our work together has focused in the “softer” skills of finding my motivations as a leader, and building strong team around the institution’s vision and goals. Margo’s broad experience with industry and federal agencies has provided insights to leadership and management that are not standard fare in university trainings. We have used specialized tools and resources, ranging from live 360 interviews and research-based assessments, to transform my nascent skills as an organizer and research leader into the far more nuanced role of university executive.

I credit Margo with much of my recent success here as Vice President of Research.

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